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Blackline SuperTrap Filtration System

Blackline SuperTrap Filtration System

Blackline SuperTrap Filtration System


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The SuperTrap is designed to turn your washout booth into an ink removal station. Think of it as a scaled down, under-sink version of the DS or D2, with a 15-gallon recirculation system is that can be easily plumbed to any of Blackline’s washouts. Once installed, the ST traps and filters ink sludge and recirculates cleaning solvents, allowing them to be reused many times over, saving both time and money.

SuperTraps are especially useful for shops printing large format screens that don’t fit into standard size ink removal units. Simply slide a SuperTrap underneath your oversized washout to transform it into a complete ink removal station.

The SuperTrap comes complete with pump, filter cartridge, filter, foot switch, hose and spray nozzle.

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